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talk to your doctor about risk factors you can change to preserve your bone health

They say a problem shared is a problem halved and this Osteoporosis Advice Forum gives you the opportunity to vent your feelings, ask questions and give and receive advice to and from others with similar problems.

This Forum is a place to discuss your experiences with Osteoporosis, the condition in general, bone health, measures to prevent the disease or any other topics of interest related to Osteoporosis. You can also post information about the illness and reviews of books and videos related to Osteoporosis and bone health. taking part in activities like swimming will not only help strengthen your bones but allow you to talk about the disease with fellow sufferers You don't need to register to post information on this site but I will have the possibility of vetoing any inappropriate posts and will not publish them on the site.

Talk to your doctor, talk to your friends, take part in joint activities and talk to those around you there or talk on these forums. But above all talk about Osteoporosis, learn from others and share your experience with them. Together we can make things better.

MaryYour ModeratorEditor of Age-well.org

Want to ask for some advice or share your experience with osteoporosis?

Do you suffer from osteoporosis or have a loved one who does? Do you want to share your story with our readers! Or do you have some tips you'd like to tell us about, questions you'd like to ask or do you just want somewhere to vent your frustration and have a good old moan. You've come to the right place.

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I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis , im only 44 and lead a fairly healthy lifestyle, iam going through early menopause but surprised to read on a …

Is binge drinking bad for the bones 
I read that binge drinking is linked to bone loss. In this article or post the person said that when they had more than 3 or 4 drinks of red wine, they …

How do i know if i have Osteoporosis? 
I have been going through the menopause for the past few years and i am wondering if i should be worried about osteoporosis. What tests are available?? …

How long can i take this medication 
I'm a 40 and was diagnosed when i was 35. The doctors said my bone density was comparible with a 65 year old. I was 36, the only white area of my hip …

I just found out I have Osteoporosis and am a bit lost 
My doctor did a bone density test and discovered I have osteoporosis recently. I eat lots of dairy products and I still got it! I am now being asked to …

HRT for osteoporosis - what are your thoughts???? 
I was diagnosed with osteoporosis when I was 53, although I probably already had it many years previously. I'm 62 now and I feel fit and healthy despite …

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Please contact me at this address if you have some feedback or would like to contribute an article about osteoporosis. You can see our Guidelines for Authors here.

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The forum for sharing advice and information about osteoporosis

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    News About Osteoporosis

    Osteoporosis Quotes

    “Twenty-five years ago, the world's leading experts in cardiovascular diseases warned of an impending epidemic of heart disease in developing countries. This warning was largely ignored and we are now seeing a dramatic increase in prevalence of cardiovascular diseases in the developing world. We must not allow the same thing to happen for osteoporosis. We must act now.”
    Gro Harlem Brundtland, former director general, World Health Organization,

    “Although we have effective treatments for osteoporosis, each year millions of our grandmothers are crippled and disfigured because they don't have easy and sufficient access to diagnosis and medication.”
    Her Majesty Queen Rania of Joran

    “As patron of Osteoporosis Canada for many years, I am pleased that we have successfully changed the image of osteoporosis as a disease of elderly women, a group who historically have had neither economic nor political clout –to a disease that can strike us all whether we are men or women, young or old. ”Maureen McTeer, medical law specialist, human rights advocate, author, patron of Osteoporosis Canada.

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