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Top Tips on Living With Osteoporosis

Living with Fragile Bones

Osteoporosis treatment is improving as scientists and the medical profession learn more about the disease. This video by the Alliance for Aging Research, will help you understand more about the disease and how to prevent it from progressing. It includes interviews with osteoporosis patients and features Dr. John D. Kaufman, MD, Past President of the Osteoporosis Interest Group, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

We suggest that you will get the best results if you finish reading this page and then come back and watch the video.

First rea

After the Shock Subsides

A diagnosis of osteoporosis will probably come as a shock and it will probably cause you a great deal of anxiety. But remember that it is possible to continue living a full and active life despite the disease if you follow the correct osteoporosis treatment. It is a serious condition and needs to be monitored closely by a health-care specialist.

However, it is important that you get the support you need and that you are prepared to be vigilant, not just with your diet but also with your environment and in your choice of activities and be prepared to make the changes necessary to make living with the condition manageable

Your doctor will probably prescribe osteoporosis treatment and medication to slow bone loss and manage any pain you might have. But you also need to take responsibility for slowing bone loss yourself and even replacing lost bone if possible. There are lifestyle changes you can make to do this, as well as supplements that help. You must also arrange your environment to stop unnecessary accidents, as it will be more important for you to prevent these than it is for a person without the condition.

Remember that the changes in lifestyle will also protect you against many other age-related conditions. If you go to the smart habits section of this page, the advice there will help you to lead the most disease free life possible.

There are several important changes you should make because of your condition. You should talk these over with your health care specialist who will support you make these changes.

Most Important Changes You Can Make

Everyone needs lifelong weight-bearing exercise to build and maintain healthy bones, but people with osteoporosis need it more than others

Dietary Changes

Dairy food is rich in calciu, good ffor bone health and recommended for people with osteoporosis

You need to check your diet carefully, as part of your osteoporosis treatment, to make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need. In addition to the changes outlined above, here are some additional changes you can make:-

  • Choose calcium enriched milk and dairy products. Talk to your local health food shop and check the labels to find out which products have the best calcium rate. Add powdered milk to soups, casseroles and drinks. Buy juices, cereals, grains and bottled water fortified with calcium. Half a cup of diced figs in a natural calcium-rich yogurt will give you more than half of your daily calcium needs.

  • Make sure you get adequate vitamin D so that your body can absorb the calcium to take. Buy products that are enriched with vitamin D, such as margarine. The human body is capable of making vitamin D under the skin when it is exposed to sunlight, so try to get out in sunshine as often as possible, making sure that you protect yourself and avoid sunbathing when the sun is at its highest. However, if you are forced to stay indoors because of illness or disability, consult your doctor or ask your pharmacist about taking a vitamin supplement.

The good news is that osteoporosis treatment is improving every day and that almost everybody who is diagnosed with the disease can be treated properly.

A Few Words about Supplements

A lack of certain minerals and vitamins play a role in the onset of osteoporosis and those with the disease can take supplements to ensure they are getting enough

It's probable that you... like most of us who are worried about Osteoporosis, or some other age-related condition, take some type of dietary supplement.

But, do you really know if these supplements are delivery the benefits that you need? Many of the supplements available today are ineffective, either because they do not contain enough levels of the ingredient that can help treat or prevent the problem they are supposed to cure or protect against, or because they do not contain what is stated on the label. Even worse, many supplements can have dangerously high levels of contaminants due to inadequate regulations governing their manufacture.

If you take, or want to take supplements, as part of your osteoporosis treatment, and would like to learn more about the disease and which supplements to use to prevent or treat this disease, we would recommend you check out this info by clicking here. This site contains some interesting information on this subject as well as being a reputable source of dietary supplements.

From the age of 40, through the menopause and into old age, women should consider taking calcium supplements on a regular basis. Not every calcium supplement is able to provide the large quantities of calcium women require after the menopause to keep their bones strong and elastic to prevent fractures.

We recommend Bone-Protec as is one of the very few formulas on the market that contains the full spectrum of nutrients needed to build strong bones and ensure the best possible bio-availability. We suggest that you check out this product for osteoporosis treatment and other information on anti-aging products by clicking here. This site contains some interesting information on this subject as well as being a reputable source of dietary supplements. Besides the possibility of ordering Bone-Protec you will find a wide range of anti-aging products which contain no harmful agents.

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Safety First - Changes to Your Environment

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    Osteoporosis Quotes

    “Twenty-five years ago, the world's leading experts in cardiovascular diseases warned of an impending epidemic of heart disease in developing countries. This warning was largely ignored and we are now seeing a dramatic increase in prevalence of cardiovascular diseases in the developing world. We must not allow the same thing to happen for osteoporosis. We must act now.”
    Gro Harlem Brundtland, former director general, World Health Organization,

    “Although we have effective treatments for osteoporosis, each year millions of our grandmothers are crippled and disfigured because they don't have easy and sufficient access to diagnosis and medication.”
    Her Majesty Queen Rania of Joran

    “As patron of Osteoporosis Canada for many years, I am pleased that we have successfully changed the image of osteoporosis as a disease of elderly women, a group who historically have had neither economic nor political clout –to a disease that can strike us all whether we are men or women, young or old. ”Maureen McTeer, medical law specialist, human rights advocate, author, patron of Osteoporosis Canada.

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