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By Mary Treacy
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Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint........ Mark Twain

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Longevity is partly genes and partly lifestyle. These pages endeavors to give you tips on how to increase your life expectancy and age healthily.

Anti-aging strategies cannot give you eternal life. But, by becoming informed and making the right life-style changes, we can fight against the aging process and slow it down. This is the key to enhanced longevity. Living longer needs to also mean staying well and looking good.

If you are concerned about the changes which are already taking place in your body, or even if you don’t yet see much change in your physical or mental condition, but are interested in staying well and aging well, we hope that this website will motivate you to choose some anti-aging strategies and implement them as part of your daily routine. Starting right now!

Most people want to postpone aging as long as possible or, at least, to grow old gracefully and naturally, without experiencing painful and debilitating age-related diseases.

Your anti ageing strategies should include three elements: your external body, your interior body and your mind.

Anti-aging Strategies for the Internal Body
Anti Ageing Strategies for the External Body
Anti Ageing Strategies for the Mind and Brain

Other Tips and Strategies

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Lifestressors can have an effect on how you age. Visit Stress Management 4 Women.com for more information on how women can age gracefully without the negative impact of stress.

Author of this article, Mary Treacy, Contributing Editor Mary Treacy is the founder and contributing editor of age-well.org. She has over thirty years of experience working with non-profit, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), mainly business associations, and is an experienced writer in many sectors including co-operatives, agriculture, commerce, housing, insurance, banking and health. You can find her on Google + and Twitter.


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