I Follow these rules

by Dotty

Here are some tips I swear by and which seem to endorse what I've read in your site, I hope they add something to what has aleady been said here. It is not 100 percent original material because I have already shared this on other forums on the internet. Anyway here goes....

Diet plays a very important role in helping us to remain young. We must have a balanced diet. We are what we eat and this show in our body and our hair, teeth and skin. Develop regular eating habits, eat at the same time each day and not too late at night and don't go too long between meals. Also only eat red meat once a week and go for white meat and fish, whole grain bread and cereals, whole rice and whole grain pasta and eat a lot of raw vegetables and fruits in your diet. Go for Red, yellow, orange, fruits and vegetables and green leafy vegetables and salads, eat nuts, especialy almonds. Avoid fried food but when you do fry food use olive oil for cooking and also in salads Avoid fast food and cut down on sugar and salt. Eat raw, boiled, braised, roasted and steamed food. Stick to simple and easily digestible food and eat lightly.

Exercise: My second tip is to exercise regularly and include a dicipline like yoga which keeps you young.If practiced regularly it keeps us flexible and it also has a host of other benefits like improving our skin and immune system. It also improves circulation, gives us energy and strengthens the mind. Yoga also helps oxygenate the body and this keeps us young.

Get a good night’s sleep : A good night’s sleep keeps us young, helps to repair damage to the body and strengthens our immune system.

Look after your skin: Age shows first of all in the skin so keep it looking young by hydrating it regularly with almond or olive oil. Massaging your skin also helps us to relax and improves circulation and can prevent wrinkles. Use a good anti wrinkle cream regularly and visit the esthetician regularly if you can afford to.

Look after your mind and brain : Read, do crossword puzzles, or learn a new skill to keep your brain working. Keep up relationships with your family and friends and learn a new hobby.

Beat the blues, shake off depression, try to remain optimistic and don’t worry. Making sure you sustain good mental, social and physical health and staying physically active, will help you age more slowly.

Read age-well.org and try and incorporate the good advice in this site, which is what i am going to do from now,

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Sep 21, 2011
Good Tips - Thanks for Sharing
by: Jenny

Nice one Dotty, I'm going to follow these too!!!


Oct 20, 2010
Many Thanks Dotty
by: Mary, Editor

Thanks for your contribution, Dotty. Great tips for keeping young and avoiding problems as you age. For further information about the strategies Dotty suggests, cut and paste the following links into your browser or follow the navigation buttons on the left of this page:







Good advice about depression too. I hope to include some pages on depression and tips for living with it - and hopefully managing to live without it. Any readers who have advice on this issue and would like to contribute, please do so through our Contact Us navigation button. Or contribute shorter pieces here.

Oct 20, 2010
Great Story Dotty!
by: Anonymous

This looks like a good strategy to follow - not too complicate!!

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