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Dolly Parton on how to look well:Smile, it enhances your face value. Truvy (Dolly Parton) in 'Steel Magnolias'

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Life-Style Changes to Help You Look Younger

We all want to look well and look younger. We will now look at anti-aging strategies for your skin, face and body. Just as your internal health can show in how you look, for example a glowing, healthy skin and shining sleek hair, how you look can equally have an effect on your state of mind and even on your internal organs. Here are some good life style changes to keep you looking young:

face cream can help keep your face moisturized and prevent wrinkles

  • Younger Skin
    Healthy, glowing skin makes you look well. One of the most important anti-aging strategies to look younger is a good skincare program. Your skin should be glowing with health. You should cleanse, tone, and moisturize your skin in the morning and night. And once every one to two weeks you need to exfoliate and apply a mask, according to your skin type.

    Protect yourself from skin damage caused by smoking and the sun.

  • Younger Body
    Look well through regular exercise. Exercise every day and your skin, your whole body, your posture and your morale will be the better for it. Weight bearing or resistance exercise will slow down bone density loss after the menopause, and help prevent osteoporosis.

    The best exercise for your bones is the weight-bearing kind, which forces you to work against gravity or lift weight such as half litre bottle of water, then progress to a litre bottle

    This can be done at home if you have the motivation or at a local gym, with a personal trainer if you can afford it or with a workout buddy so you can motivate each other. You can also exercise by swimming, walking, jogging or cycling.

  • Younger Face
    Just as body building can improve your posture and guard against weight gain, facial exercises can eliminate lines, minimize bags or dark circles under the eyes and firm skin which might be drooping and showing the ravages of time.
  • Sleep Well
    Sleep enough so that you will look fresh and not accumulate bags under the eye and other telltale signs of aging.

  • Other Anti-Aging Strategies

    Do not neglect to exercise your mind and brain if you want to stay youthful. Here are some ways to keep a lively mind, younger brain

    Feel Younger -
    Look younger naturally by making easy and effective changes to your life, lose body fat and beat the aging process.

    Choose Your Anti-Aging Products Carefully

    If you want to look as well as feel well as you age, you will need to use high quality skincare products and if you take supplements, you will want to choose what you take very carefully. This is because Over 95% of Anti-aging and Supplement programs do not work! Either because they are not scientifically formulated, are incomplete or, they contain inferior ingredients. In some cases due to poor manufacturing processes many products do not even contain the stated ingredients at all.

    Anti-aging Supplements

    Wear the Right Clothes

    Wearing the right clothes for your shape, style and age is also a good, anti-aging strategy. Knowing your personal style can help you to create a pulled-together wardrobe. Fashion After 50 shows you how to pull together a look that’s flattering, fits your lifestyle and budget.

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    Looking Good

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