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Introduction to Facial Exercise
Did you know that doing regular facial exercises can knock over ten years from the age you look?

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Facial Exercises to Make You Look Younger
Facial Exercise can make a profound difference to your looks. Just as your body looks best when it is toned and firm after regular exercise, you will be amazed at the difference regular exercise can make to your face and neck.

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Facial Exercise Videos
Following facial exercise videos is the best and easiest way to learn to do a face workout, short of having your own personal trainer. Just as exercising your body can make you look more youthful, facial exercises will help rejuvenate your face and neck. . . AAAH OOOH EEEE - Jack Lalane at 90, has been doing facial exercises for years.

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Facial Yoga Videos
Facial Yoga is a type of yoga exercise for the face, geared towards people who want to look younger without surgery or painful injections and other invasive treatments. This type of yoga is suitable for all ages. The different exercises soften wrinkles, and firm up sagging skin.

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Facial Exercise Machines
For those who do not have the time or motivation to exercise their facial muscles on a regular basis, investing in an exercise machine is probably the next best option. This page gives some examples.

Knock Ten Years Off Your Age

Did you know that doing regular facial exercises can knock over ten years from the age you look?

We all want to look younger and this is one way we can achieve our goals without spending a fortune on expensive creams, treatment and surgery.

Unfortunately, just as our bodies age with time, our faces are no exception. In fact your face bears the brunt of the aging process as it is more exposed to the elements.

Gravity and sagging muscles can make your skin hang down over time if you do not take preventative measures.. In fact, as I read on the web recently, by the time most of us have reached 55 the muscles in the face will have relaxed so much that the average face will be half an inch longer than it was at aged 17.

Exercise Can Help

Facial exercises can help reverse the trend and lift the skin helping you look younger and more pert and dynamic.

Exercising the face using isometric contractions and resistance using the fingers and thumbs, can turn back the clock and matches the results of many surgery procedures.

Exercise revitalizes the skin by increasing the supply of oxygen. They make the skin look and feel more tonic and lifted.

Better than Surgery

Exercising your facial muscles is better than surgery because whereas surgery weakens the muscles in your face over time and only lasts for a maximum of ten years, exercise strengthens the muscles and results improve over time as the muscles become stronger.

Where to Begin?

Self Analysis

Stand in front of the mirror and take a long hard look at yourself. Analyse your face as if you were looking at a stranger. Identify what it is you need to do to improve your looks and rejuvenate your face.

Start by taking a photo of yourself that you can use later to check your progress. Take the photo of your face without nake-up and with the hair pulled back. Keep your face relaxed and as far as posible expressionless. You will be seeing your face in a way which will highlight its defects. Don't be discouraged. Realize that other people will not see you like this as this will just show the structure of your face and not your personality.

Once you have decided which areas need to be improved you will be able to choose which exercises can best help to reach your goals.

Tailor to Suit Your Specific Needs

Facial exercises can be tailor made to improve certain specific problems and aspects of your face that you don't like, such as:to

  • Improve skin colour and tone
  • Reduce bags and puffiness around the eyes
  • Lift eyebrows
  • Define cheek contours
  • Make lips firmer and fuller
  • Lift and smooth the jawline, chin and neck area
  • Make fine wrinkles around the eyes less prominent.
  • Life and firm the entire face

Products that can help

There are many books and DVDs on the market giving easy to follow instructions on the best facial exercises for different problems. Additionally, there are some excellent products on the market which can help you achieve the results you want in less time.

Here are some products which are available through Amazon:-

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