Some Facial Exercise Videos to get you Started

Following facial exercise videos is the best and easiest way to learn to do a face workout, short of having your own personal trainer. Just as exercising your body can make you look more youthful, facial exercises will help rejuvenate your face and neck. Because these exercises will bring more oxygen to your cells, your skin will also become clearer and rejunenated and your complexion more beautiful.

The exercises shown here are some basic ones to start with. You will then build up your repartee with additional exercises I will add to this section, targeting different parts of the face.

You will need to do these exercises every day until you are happy with the result. After this you can cut down to three times a week to maintain the results. With time and perserverence you will achieve a firmer, fuller, younger face. It will be like you have had a Natural Faace Lift.

The FlapJack Facial Exercise


Jack Lalane at nearly 90

Here is another facial exercise video which I'm sure you will find motivating. Jack Lalane is a fan of facenastics. He has been doing facial exercises for years and looks years younger than his real age. Check out this video and others of Jack doing facenastics, which you can find on youtube.

If you experience problems viewing videos on this or other pages check out for help. If the problem is just on this site please contact me and let me know so I can fix it.

Once you have mastered these basic facial exercises, you can move on to Face Yoga

Top of Facial Exercise Videos

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