How to Age Well

All you ever wanted to know about aging well and longevity

"To age well, eat well, exercise well, adopt smart habits, stay alert, and prevent age-related disease"

"Age does not depend upon years, but upon temperament and health. Some men are born old, and some never grow so........"
Tryon Edwards (American Theologian, 1809-1894)

Anti-aging (in UK English anti-ageing) means you should eat well, exercise well, sleep well and develop smart habits to prevent age-related diseases and stay well

Medical advances in the last century have meant that average life spans are greater today than at any other time in man’s history. What is more, as the baby boomers reach 60+, the numbers of people who want to learn how to age better and slow down the aging process is growing. More and more people are interested in healhy aging and staying fit and looking good for as long as possible. This site gives information on how to age well, which means both aging healthily and also looking younger than your chronological age.

Senior Health depends on keeping fit and active - eat well, look well, feel well and stay well Nobody relishes the thought of growing old, but aging doesn't necessarily mean losing your looks or having to give up your favorite activities. Everyone has three different ages: his or her chronological age, the body’s age and the age of the mind. Here we will briefly explain the aging process, give tips for preventing the main illnesses prevalent in an aging population, and the best advice on How to Age Well, keep your looks and stay active and young at heart.

How to age well - keep active, eat well, look well, feel well and stay well If you follow our advice, you will be able to take responsibility for your own health, and help your body and mind age well, by learning as much as possible about health care, nutrition and fitness. We will also endeavour to keep you up-to-date on new medical advances that will increase quality of life and prevent premature aging.

This site will also give information on all aspects of healthy aging, including how face care, exercise and supplements that can help you look younger longer.

This site explains how to age better by providing free and objective information on anti-aging, anti-aging, longevity, senior health, healthy aging and healthy ageing

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Keywords used in this site include "age well, how to age better, anti-aging, anti-aging, longevity, senior health, healthy aging and healthy ageing"

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Wonderful, Educative Site
Dominic (Ghana) says: This site is wonderful, very educative, everyone needs to visit the site and recomend to others.

A very complete Website
Patrick (Germany) says: has the attitude of celebrating age rather than stigmatizing its effects. It is user friendly and easy to read.

A very positive addition to the much needed information flow to help an aging population regain ownership of the fascinating process of becoming older and wiser.

Very Informative Site
Sue (New York) says: regularly use age-well to look up health information related to aging. Most recently I have been trying to lose fat around the middle - I find your advice very helpful. I also love all the pages on nutrition and the new pages where we can submit our recipes and get ideas from other readers is really useful. It would be even better (will be) when more people contribute. I find the site very informative.

Very Impressed with this site
Ann (United Kingdom) writes: Very impressed with this site. I have put this on my favs. On your contributions page, you asked what subjects we would you like to see covered in this website? I'd really appreciate an article on Bereavement/Grieving/Coping with the loss of your partner.

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