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Very Informative Site 
I regularly use age-well to look up health information related to aging. Most recently I have been trying to lose fat around the middle - I find your …

A very complete website 
Reviewing this Website I noticed, to start with, that, unlike many such portals, is positioning itself as a genuine non-profit endeavour. …

Could you include more articles on sexuality and aging? 
I absolutely love this website. it is full of interesting and useful information. SInce I am interested in keeping fit and healthy for many years to come …

Very Impressed with this site 
Very impressed with this site. I have put this on my favs. On your contributions pahe, you asked what subjects we would you like to see covered in this …

I love your site Not rated yet
I just love your site. Use it constantly

Congratulations - Happy New Year Not rated yet
I want to congratulate the team for this great web site. I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and New Year and enjoyed their New Year's …

Very Informative Site Not rated yet
I regularly use age-well to look up health information related to aging. Most recently I have been trying to lose fat around the middle - I find your …

Building a new life after losing one's partner? Not rated yet
I lost my husband 18 months ago. During my married life I did everything with my man and we were together all the time as we also worked together, so that …

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