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The best facial exercise--Smile broadly, repeat often......Anonymous

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Facial Exercise can make a profound difference to your looks. Just as your body looks best when it is toned and firm when you exercise regularly, you will be amazed at the difference regular exercise can make to your face and neck.

  • Smooth away those wrinkles
    Exercise will do a great deal to prevent new wrinkles from forming or to soften existing expression lines that make you look older than you feel. Regularly exercising your facial muscles will also revitalise your skin by increasing the blood flow to this part of your body, thereby improving its overall look.

  • Tighten slack facial muscles
    Even if you take good care of your skin or if you are lucky enough not to have too many wrinkles, you might find as you age that your facial muscles are losing the fight with gravity and you develop a double (or heaven forbid triple) chin, jowls and slack saggy skin which is a tell-tale sign of advancing years. Exercising your facial muscles regulary will improve and eventually eliminate all these problems, making you look years younger.

    A Simple Exercise to Get Rid of a Double Chin

    A double chin is a layer of subcutaneous fat under the chin that sags down, giving the impression of a second chin..

    The following exercise from "Families Online" will help tone the neck and flatten a double chin. Perform the movement once a day, six days in a row. Take one day off and continue for another six days.

    1. Lift your chin to create a taut line between your chin and the base of your neck. Keep your shoulders erect.

    A double chin can impact your self confidence - learn simple exercises to lose your double chin problem

    2. Press the surface of your tongue firmly against the roof of your mouth. (Your tongue acts as the anchor when you press it against the roof of your mouth.)

    3. Allow your teeth and lips to part slightly.

    4. Hold the contraction for five (5) seconds.

    5. Relax your face and bring your head to its level position.

    Facial exercise can help you lose your double chin, if practices regularly.

    6. Breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale through your nose.

    7. Repeat the remaining sets three times holding the contractions for ten (10) seconds each.

    8. Breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale through your nose.

    (Source: "Families Magazine")

  • Facial exercises are easy
    If you put aside between five and ten minutes per day you can achieve a healthier, younger looking skin – make it part of your regular routine and you will achieve the benefits of a face lift without going under the surgeons knife. And this advice is not just for mature women. Start to exercise your facial muscles as early as possible to maintain your youthful looks. This can benefit both men and women

  • To sum up
    Just as exercise keeps your body toned, exercising the face and neck, strengthens the supportive muscles, preventing double chins, drooping eyelids and wrinkles from forming. These exercises also improve the flow of blood to the skin bringing nutrition to feed the skin and removing toxins from it. The elasticity and health of the skin will improve if you do these exercises regularly to achieve and maintain results.

Is Facial Exercise For You?

Not everyone agrees that exercising the facial muscles works and some people even feel that it might be counter-productive. Some people might decide to try botox injections or surgery, others would rather try a non-invasive type of treatment, such as facial yoga or exercises. As with anything that has not been scientifically proven, you should research all points of view before deciding which method is for you, and if you are not sure, talk it over with your family physician or a dermatologist.

Although we recommend these exercises, especially when combined with and reputable anti-aging, skincare products, we feel that you should research and read other articles promoting facial exercise and those promoting an alternative viewpoint and then decide if this method is for you.Some people prefer to exercise their facial muscles by using special equipment which targets the muscles which support the tissues in the face. A selection of these exercisers and creams and serums which are reputed to have the same effect as a mini face-lift thereby replacing surgery are found on the following page. Some of these are a little pricey, although some are less complex and therefore cost less.

My own experience was with a product called dermal tone, which unfortunately I had problems with as it had a different voltage and i had to use a transformer, which was always breaking down. The dermal tone also worked with batteries, but went through them rapidly and, in the end I opted for the exercises, which is the less costly option. Please go to the page on exercisers and face-lift creams.

Carole Maggio has a great book which has become a best seller. It promises to take ten years off your face - in just minutes a day. Harpers and Queen have rated it one of the best beauty products in the world. I bought the book some time ago, and I'm very pleased with it, but I think the DVDs would be easier to follow. Here are links to both these items and to some of her other skin problems - all designed to give you the effects of a face-lift, without the surgery: Just click on the links below to take you to Amazon if you want to try any of these products.

Or you can try out one of these great exercise machines from Amazon

Some Simple Exercises to do Every Day

1. Some very basic facial exercise videos to get you started

2. Move on to some Basic Face Yoga Exercises

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