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For those who do not have the time or motivation to exercise their facial muscles on a regular basis, investing in an exercise machine is probably the next best thing. Here are two excellent products available from Amazon, one made especially for women and a second for men. The women's model is a bit pricey, but I know people who swear by it. I invested in a different model some years ago, but the voltage was not the same as in Europe and I had to invest in an adapter, so read the details carefully when you visit the amazon page, which you can do by clicking on the picture of the model which interests you.This is a selection of some of the most popular lifting serums and books about obtaining the results of a face lift through yoga or acupressure.

Some people prefer the convenience of a machine which targets the necessary muscles, others prefer the exercises. It's your choice. On the next page you'll find more exercises for those who prefer to choose the cheaper, more active option.

Drop me a line at agewell@bluewin.ch to tell me your favourite exercises or if you have found that a facial exerciser is a better investment. Also, if you try any of the Carole Maggio products mentioned below, I'd be interested in hearing your impressions and recommendations to pass on to our readers.

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