Does Dieting Age You?

by Rita
(Vienna, Austria)

I just read an article that says that, if you are over 40 losing weight can leave your face looking gaunt and make you look older. It mentions a survey published recently which says that dieting may do wonders for your figure but it will age your face.

The research was carried out on 200 pairs of identical twins apparently, one of each twin was on a diet and the other eating normally. It concluded that by losing one dress size a woman’s appearance ages four years and that women with plumper cheeks had a softer and younger appearance than skinnier women.

In fact according to another article I just read dieting is on a par with drinking, smoking, divorce, sunbathing and depression for aging women and making them appear older. My experience has been he opposite. I recently dropped almost two dress sizes. I have lost that middle aged look my sillouette seemed to have taken on lately. My face is a bit thinner too and i have lost my double chin, but I don^t think i look older. Honestly i feel so much better and I think I am looking younger - not older. My friends all tell me I look years younger.

Maybe they are just saying that to make me feel good - but i don^t think so. Maybe I am an exception to the rule or maybe the aging effet comes later. What do other visitors think?.

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Apr 09, 2015
Great article
by: Anonymous

just what i was looking for and i am looking forward to reading your other posts soon!

Oct 20, 2010
by: Mary, Editor

Losing excess weight especially fat around the middle will make you look and feel much better and younger ? there is nothing as aging as middle aged spread.

Read the section on fat around the middle to see why this type of fat is so bad for you. If you are overweight it is a good idea to eat less and exercise regularly.

If you diet, make sure you are getting enough of the right nutrition and avoid fad diets and the yo-yo effect. Poor nutrition will age you and also have a negetive effect on your skin, increasing aging and resulting in poor skin tone. Read the sections on weight loss, nutrition and exercise before you start.

It is always a good idea to check with your doctor before dieting and also before engaging in an exercise programme.

Keep the faith!

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