Walking is the best for anti-aging and losing weight

by Jose

I started walking to lose weight and i look younger since i have. I started on the TREADMILL I started off slow and eventually walked at a faster pace, and rose the incline every time I felt like it was becoming simple. Basically for your own comfort, and capability. It took me about ONE month to get used to it, and to prepare my body for rapid weight loss..

That is when I got on the scale. I was 125. I had lost 5 pounds. RELIEVING. I made time for that every single night. It helps me to watch a program i like for about 30 minuets, or how ever long you can go. Make it 25 at the least though for instant results.
then, I started doing YOGA. I went to TARGET and bought a Denise Austin yoga DVD and boy has it helped me SCULPT-not to mention RELIEVE STRESS!!

I love yoga and i recommend it to EVERY woman to help the abs, and tighten the stomach I also recomment crunches, side bends, and PLANKS. Etc. Sit ups also do wonders. I also use ankle weights at 2 pound each ankle and a 5 pound weight. Thats made my arms soo strong and toned. About 60 lifts on each arm while watching t.v, or treadmill.

I got a FITNESS membwrship and try to make it their every night. Also, if your going to order DIET FOOD ONLINE, I RECOMMEND NUTRISYSTEM. GREAT DIET. Ever since I've been on that I've lost 17 POUNDS!!

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