I just found out I have Osteoporosis and am a bit lost

by Geraldine

My doctor did a bone density test and discovered I have osteoporosis recently. I eat lots of dairy products and I still got it! I am now being asked to take 1000 mg of Calcium with D supplement. Apparently it extrenely hard to build bone back after there is bone loss, My doctor recommends a healthy diet, supplements and exercise can help to prevent further bone loss.

How much calcium do you get in a day? Do you drink or eat dairy or dairy alternatives? Do you take supplements? I'm sort of upset to know I have it, but at the same time I am glad I know and can now do something to prevent further breakdown of my bones. So I'd encourage other readers to have a bone density scan so that you know where you stand and can take the appropriate measures to prevent this insidious disease.


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Jan 14, 2011
The Myth of Osteoporosis
by: Francisca

I read this one too and can recommend it. I read a lot and it has been very helpful. I now have a trainer who keeps me on the ball with the exercises.

Jan 14, 2011
good advice Julie
by: Anonymous

Good Advice Julie,

This book can be found on this page of our Amazon Health Store:-


as well as many other books about the subject.

I agree that you have to take responsibility for your own health and read as much as you can about it, before making informed choices in collaboration with your doctor.

Gillian, You might want to discuss the information in the book with your doctor and get his take on the issue as he knows your particular case and the book is written for people in general.

I wish you both well


Jan 14, 2011
Read the Myth of Osteoporosis by Gillian Sanson
by: Julie

Hello Geraldine,

I read on another forum about this book "The Myth of Osteoporosis," by Gillian Sanson. I bought a copy via Amazon and I am glad I did. The person on this other forum explained that in the book you learn that things might not be as bad as you think. That "a diagnosis of osteoporosis was made only if a person had incurred unexplained fractures AND had low bone density. Now it is diagnosed on the basis of low bone density only. However, bone density (quantity of bone) doesn't necessarily mean that a person will fracture." Buy it, read it and go on from there. Above all don't panic - you can live well with this disease, but you have to read as much as possible, find a doctor who understands and is willing to go the extra mile. Above all don't get depressed about this. Keep the Faith!

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