How long can i take this medication

by Suna
(Istanbul and London)

I'm a 40 and was diagnosed when i was 35. The doctors said my bone density was comparible with a 65 year old. I was 36, the only white area of my hip and femur. At the time i was given daily injections of Forteo but then i had to stop because of complications. Im had to stop fosamax because i had digestive problems. I am now taking Actonel. Because of injury I can't do any weight bearing exercise.

I would like to know how long you can continue taking these drugs - i've had a few breaks, but have been taking Actonel for the last four years without any break. I'm doing much better and the side effects now are negligible.

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Jan 14, 2011
Here is an article which could be helpful
by: Anonymous

Hello Suna,

The time you can stay on such drugs is something you really need to discuss with your doctor. However, I recently read that you can take breaks from the treatment because after some years of treatment you have built up the medicine in your bones and it still remains effective. There is a great article on the Mayo Clinic website - see:-

Its by Kurt Kennel, M.D., a specialist in endocrinology at the clinic and he answers this and other common questions about osteoporosis treatment in women and also describes how osteoporosis medications work.

I suggest you read this and then discuss your treatment with your doctors.

Lifestyle changes are also necessary and you should see if you can do some form of passive exercise if your movement is restricted, but i don't know your circumstances obviously.

Good Luck with this



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