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Top skin rejuvenators

Top skin Foods -- How much do you spend on creams and other topical treatments to keep the wrinkles at bay? You might be better served by watching what you put into your mouth. Experts say that the food we eat has more impact on how the skin ages than creams and other skin care products. In the war against premature aging, here are ten of the most helpful foods.

1. Blueberries

Number one in the list of top skin foods are Blueberries. These tasty berries have the most antioxidants according to recent research and therefore is the food that has the most potential for eliminating the free radicals that age your skin and cause wrinkles. They also contain anthocyanins, which reinforce the collagen we need to keep our skin taunt and prevent sagging.

2. Avocados

The second place in the top skin foods for skin rejuvenation goes to the lucious Avocado. This delicious fruit is also a great booster of collagen – according to a report that I read recently it can actually make our bodies produce embryonic collagen that makes the skin younger.

3. Citrus Fruits

Vitamin C helps repair and heal damaged skin and can be found in oranges, grapefruit, mandarins and lemons. In fact all members of the citrus family are so full of anti-ageing properties that according to a recent studies even the very smell of them can help us appear younger!

4. Brown Rice and Wholemeal Cereals

Keeping your body working efficiently is imperative if you want to stay young. Eat plenty of fiber-rich brown rice, oats and other cereals and stick to wholegrain bread. These foods will help you process your food efficiently, increasing vitality and keeping your skin radiant.

5. Soya Milk

Broccoli, from the Italian plural of broccolo, is part of the cabbage family whose flowers are eaten as a vegetable

Soya milk is a vegetable protein which is a good source of lecithin and vitamin E, choline and inositol, essential ingredients in the fight against premature aging. It is believed to prevent excess sugar being processed into fat and thereby middle-age-spread. Studies have also shown that both soy milk and tofu, which is made from the soya bean curd, can help prevent ovarian cancer and lower heart disease risks.

6. Oily Fish

Salmon is the common name for fish in the Salmonidae family, which are related to the trout..

Oily fish such as mackerel, tuna, salmon, trout and sardines are essential for a healthy diet and should be consumed twice a week. Apart from the other health benefits, oily fish contains essential fatty acids that help keep skin healthy and youthful looking.

7. Brocoli

Broccoli, from the Italian plural of broccolo, is part of the cabbage family whose flowers are eaten as a vegetable

Brocoli is one of the top ten skin foods but it is also in the top ten for different health benefits, not just skin rejuvenation. Eat a daily serving of any member of the cruciferous family of vegetables, which includes cabbage as well as broccoli, radishes and Brussels sprouts for their anti aging properties. Steaming will help to preserve the vitamins in these vegetables.

8. Watermelon

watermelon is very low in cholesterol, sodium and saturated fat. Fat,.

Watermelon contains vitamins A and C – both essential for healthy, glowing skin. very low in Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sodium. It is also a good source of Potassium. The seeds contain selenium, essential fats, zinc and vitamin E, all of which help against the free radical damage that causes premature aging. Blending the seeds with the pulp can be a great way to get the benefit of both and a delicious drink.

9. Liver

Besides being a good source of iron, liver contains vitamin A, which enables the body to produce the keratin, which protects skin from the elements. Iron is essential to the circulatory system, helping the goodness in what you eat reach your cells and eliminating cell-destroying waste products.

10. Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds should be consumed daily, as they are a great source of vitamin E and selenium, which help prevent free radical damage and premature aging. They also contain zinc, which strengthens collagen and prevents sagging and wrinkling of the skin.

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