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The Science of Food

Nutrition is the science of food, its nutrients, and the effect that these have on the body. Eating badly or being mal-nourished can increase the frequency of obesity, high blood pressure, stroke cancer and other problems, leading to premature death.

People are becoming more aware of how to fuel their bodies and what to eat for maximum health. There have been a lot of different campaigns run by governments about nutrition, for example the five a day campaign encouraging people to eat five fruit or vegetable servings per day.

Research has shown that fruit and vegetables are critical to good health and most of us are now aware that we need to eat more. Government campaigns have raised awareness about the importance of including fruit and vegetables in your diet and other aspects of nutrition and health. This section will explain how fruit and vegetables can protect your health, but it will go further than this, explaining the nutritional difference between fresh and frozen or canned fruits and vegetables. It will also tell you which foodstuffs you need to remain healthy, which foods you should include in your diet, the vitamins and minerals they contain and which foods you need to avoid and why.

This series of articles by Mirella Levin will be built on each month. Check back regularly to see what else you can learn from this section.



Fresh Versus Frozen or Canned

Cholesterol and its Effect on Health

Nuts, Beans and Pulses

Monosodium Glutamate or MSG



Unsaturated Fats - The Right Fats for Health

What are Transfats?



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