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Playing the Digaridoo Could Stop Snoring

Digaridoo for Sleep Apnea and Snoring

LONDON (Reuters) - digaridoo for snoring -- Researchers in Switzerland have been doing some serious research on the use of the Digaridoo for Snoring. They examined 25 patients who suffered from snoring and moderate obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, both common sleep disorders.

Half the group were given daily lessons in playing the didgeridoo, a wind instrument about 1.5 meters (yards) long which originated in northern Australia and is traditionally made from the trunk of a tree hollowed out by termites.

The study, published in the British Medical Journal's online edition on Friday, found that it was possible to use the Digaridoo for Snoring problems. They discovered that those who played the unusual instrument over a four-month trial period saw a significant improvement in their daytime sleepiness and apnea. Their partners also reported less disturbance from snoring.

The researchers said training the upper airways through the breathing techniques required to play the didgeridoo was behind the improvement. "Our results may give hope to many people with moderate obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and snoring, as well as their partners," the report's authors said.

What is the Digaridoo

Rolf Harris made the digaridoo well known in the UK in his long career as an entertainer/artist/broadcaster

The didgeridoo is a wind instrument used by the indigenous people of northern Australia that was brought into popular knowledge in the UK by the well known singer/artist/children's entertainer/broadcaster Rolf Harris. It is a cylindrical instrument, traditionally made of eucalyptus wood or bamboo, between 3 to 10 feet in length. It has been played for more than 1500 years and usually has a mouthpiece made out of beeswax. More recently people have made didgeridoo from PVC pipe and duct tape.

Didgeridoo playing uses a special breathing technique called circular breathing, that involves breathing in through the nose while using the tongue and cheeks to expell air out of the mouth. By simultaneously vibrating the lips player make a continuous drone that can be sustained for as long as the supply of air can be replenished. This technique is what makes playing the Digaridoo for Snoring a great treatment option.

Likely Outcomes

As the Swiss study only involved a small number of people, the results cannot be called conclusive, but they are considered by many as promising.
Sleep Apnea Remedy -Stop snoring with didgeridoo! Barry Martin from LA Outback Didgeridoos demonstrates how an Aboriginal musical instrument may help obstructive sleep apnea.

Click on this link Digaridoo circular breathing video

to watch the video from the Doctors Show on CBS Reality TV.

(Source: Reuters, about-dot-com, the Doctors CBS Reality
Photo: BBC)

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