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Digaridoo Playing for Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Sleep Apnea Remedy -Stop snoring with didgeridoo! Barry Martin from LA Outback Didgeridoos demonstrates how an Aboriginal musical instrument may help obstructive sleep apnea.Click on this link Circular breathing is a technique used when playing wind instruments, like the digeridoo, Australia's famous instrument which is played by the native aborigines and by many traditional musicians from Asia and the Middle East. It is also used in Sardinia when playing the launeddas and by some jazz and classical players of brass and wind instuments.

During circular breathing air is drawn into the lungs and simultaneously exhaled in order to make a continuous sound.

How to do it

To practice circular breathing you have to inhale deeply and then begin to exhale and blow air out. The last air from your inhalation is blown into the mouth to inflate the cheeks. Just before totally emptying this air by sucking in the cheeks, rapildy fill the lungs by inhaling through the nose. If done correctly, by the time the air in the mouth is almost gone, you can begin to exhale from the lungs and so on and so forth. Circular breathing uses the air in your cheeks to fill the gap between breaths.

Kenny G has used circular breathing to sustain an E-flat for over three quarters of an hour on a saxophone. Here he shows you how to do circular breathing.

Why it Works

This breathing technique sounds a difficult one and it is hard to master but, as with all techniques, becomes easier with practice. You use your upper airway as a sort of air receptor, like bagpipes to make a continuous sound. You need to use the tongue and muscles in the mouth and throat to control the passage of air through the airways. You are simultaneously exhaling through your mouth and inhaling through your nose. The use of the muscles to play the digaridoo strenthens the pharyngeal muscles and helps prevent the pharynx muscles from sagging with age.

Read more: http://www.sleep-apnea-guide.com/didgeridoo-sleep-apnea.html#ixzz1lE6VKzcT

Circular Breathing Exercises

An easy way to start learning circular breathing is with a few simple exercises

  • Use your diaphram to breath deeply

  • Breathe in and out thru your nose with your mouth open.

  • Puff out your cheeks and blow out slowly against your pursed lips, while you breathe in

  • The trick with circular breathing is to breathe out with your cheeks while inhaling air into your lungs through your nose. An easy way to start is to blow bubbles in a glass with a straw as you breathe in with your cheeks.

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