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These yoga postures should be done every morning to help relieve indigestion and prevent constipation. The photos are from an album shared on facebook by the Malaysian company, Natural Health And Beauty.

Exercise 1 - The Triangle posture prevents constipation and discharges the abdomen of waste gas and the toxins.

Open both legs as wide as possible. Relax and breath in and out slowly through the nose.

Contract stomach when breathing in, relax stomach when breathing out. Inflate chest, thorax then stomach, then lower abdomen, deflate lower abdomen, then stomach, then thorax and lastly chest.

Breath in this way throughout all the yoga postures.

If you can't breath in through the nose at first, breath in through the mouth.

Exercise 2 : The Two-Way Stretch Posture helps to move the bowels and keep the system regular

Stretch the right arm up as high as you can and turn your head to look at your arm at the same time bend to the left and touch the side of your left leg with your left hand between the knee and the ankle.

Hold the stretch for the count of ten breathing deeply in and out through the nose.

Repeat on the other side.

Exercise 3 - The Bow Posture- Stimulaties the deep muscles in the abdomen and can help to prevent constipation,

Step 1: Lie on your stomach holding both ankles with your arms behind your back , push your abdomen into the floor and lift your torso as high as you can off the floor, with your head facing forward.

Step 2 : Now lift your knees off the floor also and hold the position for the count of ten, breathing in and out through the nose.

Exercise 4 -The Reverse Stretch Posture stimulates all the iinternal organs aiding digestion and helping to prevent constipation

Step 1 : Lie on your back, face up with the knees bent and the arms stretched out on each side horizontally.

Step 2 : Relax the knees and let them fall to the left, Turn your head to the right keeping your shoulders on the floor Let your body relax into a deep stretch diagonally as you hold the position and breath deeply through your nose to the count of ten.

Repeat on the other side

Exercise 5 - V Position Balacing Posture - Helps to stimulate the lower stomach and prevent constipation

Step 1 :Sit down with knees bent and together close to the body, hand on the floor close to the body palms forward

Step 2: Bring the arms around the knees and draw them towards you, balance on your buttocks and hold the posture to the count of ten, breathing deeply, try to avoid swaying from side to side or rocking.

Exercise 6 - Chest Expanding Posture - Stimulates the chest, tummy and stretches the thigh joints

Step 1 : Start from a kneeling position, sit back on your calves, with your back straight and your arms straight holding your feet. Stretch your neck as high as you can with your head facing forward.

Step 2, Put palms on the floor with hands facing backwards, arch the back expand the chest as far as possible, breathing deeply hold the stretch to the count of ten.

Exercise 7 - Turning Stretch Posture – activates digestive tract and helps to prevent constipation

Step 1 : Sit on the floor with a straight back and legs extended use arms to support you with straight arms and the palms facing forward, straighten up the back as much as possible and cross your right leg over the left leg.

Step 2 : Hold right knee with your left arm and turn your torso to the right, hold the stretch to the count of ten, breathing deeply through the nose.

Repeat on the other side > The Digestive System > prevent constipation

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