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Perimenopause is the phase before menopause actually takes place, when ovarian hormone production is declining and fluctuating

Doctors now refer to the transitional period before menopause as perimenopause. It can be an unpleasant period in the life of a woman and can offer take her off-guard. Just prior to menopause, progesterone and estrogen levels begin to drop, causing menstrual cycles to become irregular.

During this period of transition women are subjected to a bewildering number of physical and emotional symptoms, some of which are like post menstrual syndrome (PMS), others more typical of the post-menopausal woman.

Perimenopause or Estrogen Dominant?

This premenopausal condition is neither inevitable nor natural, it has been created by changing lifestyles and environment. The chief culprit is excess estrogen, which has led to what scientists call estrogen dominance.

This condition of hormonal imbalance in women is appearing at an ever-earlier age and to a greater degree than has ever been known. Empirical and scientific evidence leave no doubt estrogen dominance induces and speeds the onset of this condition.

How does a woman tell whether she has PMS, is perimenopausal, or is estrogen dominant?

PMS symptoms onset after ovulation, increase in number and intensity until menstruation. After menses, the symptoms will subside. With ovulation, once again symptoms return and increase greatly in intensity. This cycle recurs over and over in women that suffer from classic PMS.

After menses progesterone levels are higher than levels of estrogen. In women that are estrogen dominant the reverse is true. Estrogen is dominant in these women all the time. This excess estrogen causes symptoms to be constantly present, and their symptoms do not subside with menses.

Natural Progeserone Cream

Perhaps the only way, and certainly the most effective way to combat estrogen dominance is the use of natural progesterone cream. The role of natural progesterone in the woman’s body is to balance or oppose estrogen.

Some of the main effects of progesterone vs. estrogen are listed below.



Causes breast Fibrocycts Protects against breast Fibrocycts
Increases body fat Helps use fat for energy
Salt & fluid Retention Natural Diuretic
Depression and Headaches Natural anti-depressant
Impairs blood sugar Control Normalizes blood sugar Levels
Increased blood Clotting Normalizes blood Clotting
Decreases libido Increases libido
Reduced oxygen levels in all cells Restores proper cell oxygen levels
Causes endometrical Cancer Prevents endometrical Cancer
Increases risk of breast cancer Helps prevent breast Cancer
Reduces vascular tone Improves vascular tone

There is a perfect balance between natural progesterone and estrogen in the woman’s body. Natural progesterone is absolutely essential to counter the negative effects of estrogen.

To learn more about natural progesterone, it’s uses and effects in preventing PMS, menopausal symptoms and osteoporosis click here. > prevent age related diseases > perimenopause

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