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Want a Site Like Mine?

Site Build It!

Want a Change of Lifestyle? - You can make your Previous Experience or your Hobby into a viable, profitable business and have fun in the process!

This system is ideal for people who know a lot about the internet or for those who know very little. It is perfect for people wishing to supplement their income or work from home.

My Story

As Director of Communications for one of the largest Non Governmental Organizations for over twelve years, i was one of the pioneers of the web, introducing my organization and its member organizations to the internet, long before many people in Europe had heard of it and even before the world wide web was invented. I set up one of the first websites in Europe - and I have a qualification in web design - even though there are now programs and systems which make these skills less marketable.

When my career with the NGO came to an abrupt end, because of the growing worldwide recession, I worked as a freelance consultant for several years and then realized that I could take my skills anywhere and decided to fulfill my dream and moved to live in Spain. I'm now living less than ten minutes walk from the coast and enjoying the challenge of learning a new language and culture.

Even though I decided to leave the rat race, I wanted to continue using my information skills and the knowledge I'd gained during my working life to continue to give back to society, which is why i set up a website giving people information about health and wellness.

I tried several different systems before having the good luck of being introduced to Site Build It through the Renegade Marketing Network.

Although i have experience in web design and management and have set up several sites from scratch, I use the system I'm introducing to you here because I found that it was user friendly and automated a lot of the grunt work which is part and parcel of managing your site and marketing it. It takes out the hard work and makes creating and promoting your site fun!

Work at Home Moms

SBI is an ideal system for Moms who want to combine a home business with bringing up a family.

Site Build It!

Maybe you stopped a successful career dead in its tracks to be there for your kids.Or you have set aside personal pursuits and long-held dreams for the sake of the family? Whatever the reason, whatever the personal sacrifice, you knew you wanted to be there for your family and the rewards are priceless! However, you would like to keep your hand in and get some extra cash in the process to provide those little luxuries that only families with two parents working seem to be able to afford.

Enterprising Students

Students can also benefit from SBI. Make some extra cash while studying and graduate with your own business as well as a degree.


See yourself in four years with qualifications but no experience, besides waiting on tables? What better to bring to your future employer than a first class degree AND a first class business. Build your own thriving online business... and a winning resumé at the same time. No previous work experience or technical knowledge needed to get started with SBI, just a positive attitude and ideas to share.

Site Build It! ("SBI!") is the only all-in-one site-building, site-hosting, and site-marketing product that makes it easy for you to build a professional, popular, and profitable business - from scratch.

If you have always dreamt about starting your own business, stop dreaming and just do it. No one will be able to reject you because you have "no experience" when you graduate. And you might not need a day job.

Retirees or Mid-Life Changers

Sitebuild It offers a whole new challenge to Retirees of all ages

Retire To Something

Sometimes retirement comes sooner than expected. Ill health or redundancy can bring an abrupt end to your career when you still have a lot to give. But even if you have reached retirement age, you might have to retire because of government or corporate policy when you yourself would like to continue working. Even if you are happy retiring you may need more income or be bored just having fun.

Whatever your reasons, starting your own business or using your previous experience or current passion to start an on-line business are great ways to make your retirement profitable and fulfilling.

And working for yourself is the best job security around.

Free Internet Marketing Report

I am a member of the Renegade Network Marketing Network and this is a free marketing e-book which I found very useful when I was getting started in this business and I would like to share it with you. This Network Marketing Book is free of charge - you just need to fill in your email and you can download it free of charge.

The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing

Marketing Resources

Once you have read the free marketing report which you can download above, you may decide to join the Renegade Marketing Network yourself. If you want to join now without reading the 7 lies of network marketing, please feel free to click on the following e-book which will take you to the joining page as well as giving you furthr information about the system and how it can help you launch your site and market your products more efficiently.

The Renegade Network Marketer

The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing

Tools for You


Affiliate Programs

I'm not rushing into selling products. My aim is not just to make a quick buck but to provide my readers with well researched links to quality products. However, i am going through the research process and i am adding some links here to Affiliate programs which appear to be honest and ethical.
The list will grow as i research further.

LinkShare Referral Program UK

Directories for Free Listings

Here are some links to directories where you can add your site for free or to link building services which offer free submission. Please feel free to let me know if you have any other good leads for webmasters.

Directory Find - Web directory offering webmasters a choice of a free listing within the directory, or a paid premium listing which will be highlighted and placed above all free listings.

Arakne-Links Directory

AzListed Web Directory - Human edited directory that offers webmasters a choice of a free or paid website submission.

Get a free Free on-line listing

Free directory - Just another link

Free Advertising Directory

Shopping directory

Free web directory

Add url

Free - Free URL Submission!

discount supplements

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Take SBI! for the toughest test drive you can. Follow the Action Guide and use the tools at no risk...

Let your SBI! experience (Guide + tools) speak for itself. That is the direct, fast and simple way to know that SBI! is for you.

This Could Be the Start of Something BIG!

SBI! CTPM Process

Free E-Books

The second way to begin to build your on-line business is to download these free e-books which will teach you much of what you need to know to get started in building a viable on-line presence for your business. Download the ones you want or take advantage of all these free e-books. ENJOY!

Free SiteSell E-books

Build Links

Try Before You Buy

Increasingly, Search Engines are using links (and other "off-page criteria") to help decide how relevant your site is for your most important keywords. But not just any old link will do... the more relevant and higher in value, the better.

Valuable Link Exchange


Special Offer

Special SiteSell Promotion

Business Opportunity

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