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There are a number of good sites giving more in-depth information about diabetes, as well as sites dedicated to certain aspects, such as diet, recipes, exercise, etc. If you would like to have your link included, please write to me at requesting a link exchange.

General Information about diabetes

First Signs of Diabetes Symptoms
Why ignoring these signs and symptoms of diabetes may be damaging to your health and wellbeing...

Diabetes Well Being
This site is a great comprehensive overview of a diabetes (including type 1, type 2 and pre-diabetes). How to exercise, diet and achieve properweight loss while having diabetes is covered. Want to learn more about healthy diabetic living. Come check us out!

New Treatment for Diabetes
It might be worth-while researching in some detail this new treatment which resolves to treat diabetes effectively, naturally and without any unpleasant side-effects. I will bring you more information about this system once I have had the time to look into the system and and information on trials, in more detail.

Beat diabetes naturally without side effects
What are the foods and diets to beat diabetes naturally?How far drugs and their side effects can damage your health? What are the supplements for beating it naturally without drugs and their side effects? This site will give you some answers to these questions.

Coping with Diabetes and Health Related Issues
Learning to cope with this condition and its complexities is essential for better health and well-being. This site will help you to cope with the disease and its effects on your general well-being.

Diabetes: how glutathione can help
Informative site about glutathione,its benefits to the body and how it can help diseases such as diabetes.

Diabetes and Lifestyle Tips

I have seen pages about diabetes tips on very few websites which is the reason I requested permission from my colleague, Sharon, who runs a site about Diabetes, to include a link to this page: Diabetes and Lifestyle Tips And indeed, Sharon informs me that this page is one of the most desired and watched pages in Diabetes and

Sites on special diets for diabetics

Watching what you eat is key to proper diabetes management. This section includes links to sites which will give you some ideas about controlling your diabetes through diet and gives some inspirational recipes to help you stay on track with your diet.

Our friends at innovative diabetic diet provide an innovative spin on the food pyramid, specifically targeting diabetes suffered. See Diabetes Food Pyramid

Visit this site to learn more about Biosil one of the most important vitamins for great skin.

Easy Diabetic Recipes
This site provides over 200 tried and tasted recipes, from drinks to dessert!.

Diabetic Dieting
This site, called the Human Guide to Healthy Eating for Diabetics, provides information and practical help. > Diabetes > Links to Diabetes Resources

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Do You Have These
Common Symptoms of
Type 2 Diabetes?
  • Frequent urination.
  • Increased hunger or thirst.
  • Weight gain or loss.
  • Severe fatigue.
  • Frequent or recurring infections of the skin, bladder, or gums.
  • Blurred vision.
    Cuts or bruises slow to heal.
  • Tingling or numbness in the hands or feet.

Please Note: It's also common to have NO SYMPTOMS with either diabetes or pre-diabetes.

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