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using a blood pressure monitor can help to avoid stroke and cardiovascular disease

    The previous pages have emphasized the need to control blood pressure in order to prevent several age-related diseases. However, knowing you have a problem with your blood pressure is not always evident. High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a silent condition, often with no (or almost un-noticeable) symptoms, which can go undetected for many years, creating havoc in your body, before serious symptoms arise. For this reason it is important for your present and future wellbeing to control blood pressure before this insidious disease can have any negative effects on your body.

    Like many of the condition described on this web site, you can take steps to prevent hypertension by adopting a healthy lifestyle. As with many other diseases which become more common as we age, these steps include maintaining a healthy weight, through physically active and eating healthily. Limiting your consumption of salt and alcoholic beverages is also extremely important.

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