Anti-aging Developments

News - December 2009

Dec 29, Epiphany Gift May Have Anti-Aging Properties

Anti-aging developments from the middle east could be a breakthrough for lowering cholesterol -- One of the gifts brought to the baby Jesus by the three kings was Myrh, a tree resin that comes from the Middle East, according to the New Testament. Myrrh was used as a treatment for cuts, burns and treating sore throats and respiratory infections. A recent study published by the International Journal of Food Safety Nutrition and Public Health has said that myrrh could be helpful to heart health when used together with other plants. The plant has been found to lower the levels of bad cholesterol and augment the levels of good cholesterol in rats. The researcher from Saudi Arabia said that more research was needed into the resin before results become conclusive.

(Source: Nutraingredients Research)

Dec 28, The Sheatree could offer new hope for OA Sufferers

Anti-aging development from Australia could be a breakthrough in the fight against osteoarthritis -- SheaFLex 70, an extract of Vitellaria paradoxa could bring much needed relief to osteoarthritis sufferers. The product has shown anti-inflammatory properties and limits the breakdown of cartilage, according to a study undertaken by the Australian Centre for Complementary Medicine. Disease, repeated joint stress or repetitive movement often results in a downward spiral of injury, inflammation and pain, This is because, when the body sustains an injury it released cytokins, a protein that is part of the bodys arsenal designed to repair injury. However cytokins provoke inflammation that causes pain, stiffness and discomfort. The result can be further damage to the joints which provoke the release of more cytokins and so the cyle continues,

In over 30 clinical trials SheaFlex70 has been shown to break the cycle by modulating the production of cytokins, reducing inflammation and bone and cartilage destruction. BSP Pharma who holds the rights for this product on a worldwide basis has funded this research. I am currently looking to see how readers can get access to this product at the lowest possible cost. So watch this space.

Dec 30, Canabis may prevent Osteporosis in older users

Anti-aging developments in cannabis research could be a breakthrough in the fight against osteoporosis -- "Scientists investigating the effects of cannabis on bone health have found that its impact varies dramatically with age._ The study has found that although cannabis could reduce bone strength in young people, it may protect against osteoporosis, a weakening of the bones, in later life"

Dec 27, Restore Bone Density and Prevent Bone Loss

A new anti-aging development from France could be a breakthrough in the fight against osteoporosis-- PUTEAUX, France, December 2009 - A recent study undertaken in France concluded that Peptan(TM), a hydrolyzed collagen, may restore bone density and prevent bone loss due to aging. Osteoporosis is a debilitating desease caused by an inbalance between bone loss and bone production. Cells known as osteoblasts make bone and osteoclasts which reabsorb it. An imbalance in the levels of these two types of cells may lead to the condition which is associated with aging and prevelent in, but not exclusive to post menopausal women. Responding to consumer concerns about the disease, Rousselot (a leading producer of Gelatine and Hydrolyzed Collagen) has carried out studies in recent years intended to demonstrate that taking Peptan (TM) orally may have a positive impact on osteoporosis. The studies were conducted at the INRA Agroparistech Laboratory under the supervision of Pr. Daniel. Results of the most recent research have been published in Bones magazine, the official journal of the International Bone and Mineral Society in November 2009.

(Source: The International Bone and Mineral Society)

Top of Anti-aging Developments - December 2009

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