Tim Nichol's Healthy Breakfast

by Tim
(Mönchengladbach, Germany)

I am coming up to retirement and determined that my life will continue to be the rewarding, fun, puzzling, demanding, inspiring event it has always been.

A number of health issues ambushed me over the last couple of years but fortune is with me and my life quality is very good, thank you.

In order to keep that going I have become a regular visitor to the local fitness centre and visit three times a week (very boring if it were not for my well-stocked Kindle, perfect for use on bike, cross trainer and running band). In addition to that I went on the anabolic balance diet and lost a mountain of weight 28lbs in 4-5 months. I was thin... People would come up to me and shake my two hands and look deeply into my eyes and in a very meaningful way say "How are you, Tim? Really how are you?" They were convinced I had a wasting disease and told me I looked ill.

OK I look healthier now if a few more pounds means that... but one relic of the MB diet days is my breakfast routine which I will post now if I can find the link... Wish me luck

That didn't work so I'll continue here and try again later,,,

Tim's Breakfast routine

1 Grind equal quantities of sunflower seeds and almonds to a fine powder. I generally make enough to last a week at a time and taked 2-4 tablespoons each time in a dessert bowl.

2 Take available fruit of choice and blend to a liquid. Apples, banana and kiwi are good value at present - rasberries and blueberries in addition if you really want your five-a-day in one fell swoop.

3 Stir the fruit into the sunflower almond mix and leave in the fridge for half an hour (optional)

4 Add a small carton of natural yoghurt and garnish with a few raspberries (frozen ones just defrosted work well) and enjoy a very healthy start to your day....

5 If you are averse to being over the top healthy add a dollop of creme fraiche, double or pouring cream - but don't rell anyone I said that!

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This sounds great
by: Anonymous

This plan sounds like it is worth a try. I like the idea of the five a day in one fell swoop. Can't wait to try it.

Many Thanks Tim
by: Mary (Editor)

Thanks for your contribution Tim - I'm sure it will be something a lot of our readers will want to try.

I hope all your efforts pay off with better health in the future.

Perhaps you'd be interested in writing an article on the anabolic balance diet, what it is and any tips you have for those who wish to try it, cautionary tales, etc.

Let me know if you are interested.

Contributing Editor

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