Stress Relief Massage

by: Tina Holt, LMT

Stress Relief Massage can be beneficial to our bodies in many different ways. For some, it provides the relaxation of tired, overworked muscles. For others, it may provide relief from a painful muscle cramp or spasm that has bothered them for days.

Still, for so many people, massage therapy provides an escape from the stress of everyday life – whether in a job, from family situations, or due to life in general.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

benefits of stress-relief-massage

The benefits of massage therapy far outweigh the luxury of plush robes and fancy slippers found in many “posh” spa settings. Most often, “posh” is not really what a person seeks when they need relief from stress.

The greatest benefit of massage therapy, and what facilitates a complete release of stress, is knowing that your massage practitioner's energy and focus is totally on you, just you and no one else, especially if your whole life, everyday, is focused on taking care of others.

Helping your body heal itself with massage therapy includes healthy benefits like increasing blood circulation, increasing oxygen flow to muscles and aiding the body in elimination of waste.

But, sometimes, the most beneficial part of massage, is the rest it brings to our mind – if only for a short time.

This, in turn, can provide other great benefits:

  • Deep relaxation

  • Increased blood circulation

  • Reduction of fatigue

  • Reduction of headaches and other pain issues

  • Promotes natural

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Assists/Eases in digestion and constipation

Tips on Choosing a Massage Therapist

Finding a massage therapist that is attentive to your specific health needs, experienced and gives an excellent massage, might be easier than you think.

Ask around. Neighbors, friends, family, work friends, and church friends might all be able to give you suggestions as to who is a good therapist.

Once you start hearing the same name from different people, you may realize that he/she is a good massage practitioner.

Be specific when you call to schedule your appointment. Let him/her know that you are looking for a stress relief massage.

If anything in the massage room distracts you (music, lighting, hot/cold), be verbal and let the therapist know.

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