Red Blossom Smoothie for Healthy Bones

by S. Roy

Diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet can help you maintain your bone and joints health along with a healthy weight. Fruits are not only rich source of vitamins and minerals, but also contain important constituents which can help ease some of the joint pain and discomfort. They help in improving joint flexibility and mobility by assisting in reducing inflammation.

Oranges and Strawberries are abundant source of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, plays an important role in maintaining your joint health. Research has proven that the other nutrients like Beta-cryptoxanthin plays active role for skin and bone health as well as immune function1. In the body it can be converted to an active form of vitamin A. Beta-cryptoxanthin is contained in yellow or orange fruits and vegetables like Oranges, Apricots and Papayas etc.

Researchers from the University of California-Davis and the Illinois Institute of Technology have shown that consuming strawberry declines inflammatory markers which were accompanied by significant increases in pelargonidin sulfate and pelargonidin-3-O-glucoside, two strawberry compounds2.

Strawberries are an important source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, including anthocyanins like cyanidins and perlargonidins; flavonols like catechins, epicatechins and quercetin; hydroxyl-benzoic acids like ellagic acid, salicylic acid; and resveratrol.

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Red Blossom Smoothie

Servings: 2
Preparation time: 5 minutes

• 1 cup calcium fortified orange juice
• ½ cup silken tofu
• 16 ounces frozen strawberries
• A pinch of cinnamon powder ( optional )
• Ice (about 1 cup crushed )
• Honey (As per taste)

1. Blend all ingredients in a blender
2. Serve in a tall glass
3. Enjoy!

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