Our Healthy Yogurt Smoothies

by Jenna
(Oregon, US)

making frozen fruit and yogurt smoothies

making frozen fruit and yogurt smoothies

making frozen fruit and yogurt smoothies
we turn our leftover yogurt smoothie into yogurt pops

We use plain yogurt and frozen fruit to make really healthy breakfast smoothies. One of the best ways to do this is to put whole bananas in the freezer and then when you want to make a smoothie just run it under hot water and it will be easy to peel and then slice up the frozen banana. No matter what kind of smoothie you make adding a banana will add a lot of sweetness, so you won't have to add sugar or a sweetener.

Some of our favorite breakfast smoothies are:
peanut butter, banana and yogurt
strawberry, banana and yogurt
strawberry, peach, banana and yogurt
blueberry, banana, strawberry and yogurt

We just place yogurt and frozen fruit in the blender and blend, if you only use a little bit of yogurt you may need to add a bit of water. The yogurt helps make the smoothie nice and creamy.

Adding the yogurt to your smoothies is a great way to add protein, calcium and healthy probiotics (make sure you get yogurt with 'live and active cultures). We make our own homemade yogurt which really is the best yogurt out there. We have also used Kefir in many different smoothie recipes and this is also really healthy. Kefir is actually an amazing food and many people who do not like the flavor of it, will enjoy it in a smoothie --at least my picky toddler does. My kids love yogurt smoothies.

When we have left over smoothie, we put it into our Popsicle tray in the freezer to make yogurt pops.

Having homemade yogurt or a healthy plain yogurt on hand to make smoothies is really a great way to have a quick snack that is also really healthy. It even satisfies ice cream cravings!

I have more yogurt smoothie recipes and yogurt making tutorials on my website yogurt-everyday.com

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May 07, 2011
Great Contribution to this site
by: Mary (Editor)

This is a great addition to the site and I'm sure our visitors will enjoy it. I'll definitely use this recipe and visit your site for more ideas. Please feel free to add more recipes here with backlinks to your pages.

A most welcome addition.


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