Light Party Punch

by Sue
(New York)

From Fav Diets - Non-Alcoholic Drinks - Party Foods

For a lighter spin on a common party punch, try this quick and easy recipe. It's so easy and delicious, you won't want to wait for a special occasion to drink it.

Serves: 16

Preparation Time: 10 min


1 12-ounce can frozen light orange juice concentrate, thawed
1 46-ounce can pineapple juice
1 2-liter bottle clear diet soda, such as club soda, ginger ale, or lemon-lime


Reconstitute the orange juice with water in a punch bowl.

Add the pineapple juice and soda, stirring gently.

Add an ice ring and serve.

Makes about five quarts.

Tip: A large ring mold, such as a Bundt pan, molds an ice ring that will last several hours before it melts. Fill the pan with water and freeze overnight the night before for best results.

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