Homemade Honey Spa Facial

by Sue
(New York)

honey makes a lovely soothing mask, which clarifies and enhances all skin types

honey makes a lovely soothing mask, which clarifies and enhances all skin types

While looking for some photos for my oatmeal mask, i came across this lovely honey mask, and thought i'd add this one too.

Receiving a spa facial is a pleasant experience for your skin, but not for your wallet--spa treatments are often expensive. Fortunately, you can recreate a spa-like experience in your home by making a honey facial mask. A mask containing honey, orange juice, apple and sage is clarifying and enhances all skin types.

Step 1
Combine the honey and orange juice in a small bowl, and mix the two ingredients well.

Step 2
Core and dice the apple, and then place it in a food processer. Puree until the apple is smooth and does not contain lumps.

Step 3
Add the sage to the food processor, and puree again until the mixture is smooth. Sage may prevent skin cancer by inhibiting tumor development, according to a study done at the American University of Beirut.

Step 4
Add the apple and sage puree to the bowl containing the honey and orange juice. Mix thoroughly.

Step 5
Place the bowl in the microwave and heat it on a lower power setting for one minute. Remove it from the microwave and touch the mixture to ensure that it is not too warm to put on your face. Allow it to cool for a few minutes if the mask feels too hot.

Step 6
Apply the mixture to your face, avoiding your eye and lip areas. Keep the mask on your skin for 20 minutes.

Step 7
Rinse the mask off your face with warm water and a washcloth. Pat your skin dry with a towel.

Place cucumber slices over your eyes while the mask is on your face for a full home-spa experience.

Remove the mask immediately if you feel a burning or tingling sensation on your skin. This could indicate an allergic reaction. See your doctor if you experience adverse symptoms that do not disappear within a few minutes.

Things You'll Need
Bowl 1 tbsp. honey 2 tbsps. orange juice 1 apple Food processor 1/2 tsp. fresh sage Microwave Washcloth Warm water Towel

Source livestrong.com

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