Hair Dying Tips

by Rita

Here are some tips about dying your hair that i find useful.

I never dye my hair more often than once a month. In the meantime, I?d rather use other products for refreshing colour, e.g. chamomile oil, commercial products meant for refreshing the colour, instead of damaging hair with stronger cosmetics.

I always do my roots before they needs doing though, so people don't know it is dyed.

I always start the process of dying hair from reading the instruction carefully. I never change the time needed but try to stick to the tips in the instructions for best results.

I never dye my hair just before you need to go out. It is more sensible to do it a few days before. You should not be in a hurry then. Or else the results may be unpleasant.

When my hair is short and for doing roots, I put the dye on with a toothbrush. It is much quicker and more precise this way.

I never dye my hair if it is dehydrated or damaged. I give it an overnight mask with almond or olive oil to nourish it and get it more strength before trying to dye it.

Immediately after putting the dye onto my hair, I carefully clean my scalp. You should not wait with this because if you do, you may have some problems with cleaning your skin afterwards.

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