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The full breath solution is a mouth guard that works with your tongue to stabilize it, in order to increase airflow and thus stop the snoring. It is one of many stop snoring mouth guards which care available nowadays.

Mouth guards can help reduce mild to moderate snoring and help patients with sleep apnea. You need to do your own research and ask your doctor for help in identifying which model might work for you. Here is where you can begin your research by reading about some of the models available.

nother tongue stabilizing mouth guard is called the AveoSD. This one is made of silicone it holds the tongue forward to stop it from blocking the air flow.

The Elastic mandibular advancement appliance is a FDA-approved mouth-guard with adjustable elastic straps which is recommended for people struggling with sleep apnea.

The Elastomeric sleep appliance is also made of silicone and is custom adjusted to fit each patient and extremely comfortable. Available through your dentist.

The MPowRX is another device which keeps the tongue in place to liberate the airways which is available in the US in grocery stores and pharmacies.

The Noiselezz Mouthpiece is a Danish custom-made device that is highly comfortable devise which keeps the jaw forward.

age-well.org > Snoring Remedies > full breath solution for snoring

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