Dr. Glenville's Tips On Losing Bellyfat

by Mary
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Dr. Glenville's Three-Month Eating Plan

The solution is to eat in a way that tells your body all is well. Try to stick to these simple rules:

1. Stop dieting
Stop dieting, otherwise your body will think there?s a famine and raise stress levels, which will contribute to fat storage.

2. Eat little and often
Try to keep your blood sugar and energy levels stable by eating every three hours. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a snack mid morning and mid afternoon, with no longer than three hours between. Try not to eat carbohydrates after 18:00 hrs.

This will stop those roller-coaster highs and cravings for sweet foods. Because your blood sugar isn?t allowed to drop, your body will no longer have to ask you for a quick fix. As the blood sugar steadies, so will the mood swings. As your cortisol levels reduce you will automatically start to happier and calmer inside.

3. Don?t skip breakfast
If you miss breakfast completely your body immediately registers famine and hangs on tight to your ample stores of fat.

4. Eliminate all sugar and refined carbohydrates
Avoid any foods that make your blood sugar rise quickly because, as blood sugar drops, again your body releases adrenaline and cortisol to stabilise it once more. Swap to whole grain alternatives.

5. Add protein to each meal
Protein slows down the rate the stomach processes food and slows the passage of the carbohydrates with it. As soon as you add a protein (be it animal or vegetable) to a carbohydrate you change it into a slower releasing carbohydrate, which is a very good thing.

Protein helps in the control of insulin because it slows the rate of digestion. It alsoencourages the production
of glucagons, which works in the opposite way to insulin, increasing blood glucose by encouraging the body to burn fat for energy.

6. Eat essential fats
A lifelong dependency on low fat diets might mean you?re consuming less saturated fat, but most people today have unwittingly made themselves deficient in the good fats ? essential fatty acids. As the name implies these essential fatty acids (EFAs) are essential and you can only get them from your diet. Your body cannot manufacture them so you have to eat them.
Essential fats are so important as that they help you in a number of ways:

They slow down the rate at which the stomach empties, so making carbohydrates even more slow releasing,

They boost your metabolism,

They make you less insulin resistant,

They reduce inflammation.

7. Don?t eat on the run
Don't gives your body the message that time is scarce, you are under pressure and stressed. Your digestive system will also be less efficient. Make a point of sitting down and eating your food as calmly as possible.

8. Watch what you drink
Cut out all caffeine and sugary drinks and significantly reduce alcohol intake (Dr. Glenville suggests cutting it out completely for a month).

9. Change the way you think about food
If you?re really serious about changing your body shape you need to think about food and eating as a way of life, so that healthy, enjoyable eating becomes a habit, something you do everyday without even thinking about it, just like cleaning your teeth.

For a much more detailed breakdown of an altogether healthier way to eat, you should read the book. This can be purchased by cutting and pasting the links at the bottom of this page into your browser.

Alternatively, for free information and advice about healthy eating, please go the the section on healthy eating on this website.


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Oct 28, 2010
Requested Information about Dr.Marilyn Glenville
by: Anonymous

Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD is a specialist on women's health. She is a registered member of the Nutrition Society, a Fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine, psychologist, author and broadcaster who obtained her doctorate from Cambridge University.

She has clinics in St Johns Wood ? London (UK); Tunbridge Wells ? Kent (UK) and Rathmines - Dublin (Ireland) and also conducts workshops and seminars internationally (there were several in Geneva Switzerland I knew about, but could not attend, while I was based there).

She has published several interesting books and has a great reputation.

You can always visit her website at the following URL: http://www.marilynglenville.com

If you contact her let her know you were recommended by age-well.org

Oct 28, 2010
This is very helpful - more about Dr. Glenville please
by: Anonymous

Hi - this is really very helpful. Who id Dr. Glenville and where is she based please?

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