Cutting Alcohol Tips

How to Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

Cutting Alcohol Tips

If drinking is interfering with your work, you’re probably a heavy drinker. If work is interfering with your drinking, you’re probably an alcoholic.......... Author Unknown

Drinking Tips to Reduce Harm

Why should think about cutting alcohol consumption? alcoholism is a problem in many, if not most, countries

The following cutting alcohol tips come from the liver centre in Australia, where drinking heavily has become part of the local custom and is causing many health problems. However, alcoholism is a problem in many, if not most, countries. The liver centre is one of the best resources I have come across on the problems which can ruin lives, not just the drinker, but can disrupt family life and lead to divorce.

If your drinking is out of hand, hope you will find these tips helpful and cut down before your health is compromised - the comments in between brackets are ours:

orange juice is a great non-alcoholic beverage to substitute for alcohol

  • Don't drink alcohol to quench your thirst. Use non-alcoholic drinks. (Soft carbonated drinks can cause other problems so stick to 100 percent fruit juice, with no extra suger added, vegetable juice, or preferable drink still or sparkling water.)

  • Use spacers (alcohol free drinks) between alcoholic drinks to prevent excessive alcohol consumption. (Here again try sticking to water, fruit or vegetable juices).

  • Drink low alcohol beverages. (or even non alcoholic beer)

  • Count your drinks, keeping within the recommended guidelines

    If you have overindulged and want to flush alcohol from our system, drink water

  • Don't gulp drinks. Take smaller sips. (unless you are drinking water - very few people drink the recommended amount, so don't skimp on this. If you are lucky enough to live in a country where the tap water is safe and tastes good, there is no need to buy bottled water, unless you are in a restaurant or bar, as drinking tap water is often frowned upon (except in America, where it is served freely and with a smile) because they can make a fortune selling bottled water at unreasonable prices).

  • Eat before drinking. Your drink will take longer to be absorbed. (Good idea, but a good wine with your meal can be most enjoyable, and is a more civilized way of drinking, as one is obviously not drinking to get drunk.)

    Fruit juice of any kind makes a great alternative non-alcoholic drink

  • Don't drink if you are operating machinery, you put your fellow workers as well as yourself at risk. (and neeless to say, don't drink and drive - this is one of the most dangerous things you can do. Have a fruit juice instead).

  • Don't drink if you are pregnant. It may damage the health of your unborn child. (goes without saying, though midwives in the UK used to encourage pregnant or breastfeading women to drink stout, for the iron it contains - in moderation of course. Drink juice watered down with carbonated water or milk to avoid heartburn).

    Drink water to flush alcohol from your system

  • If you are a regular drinker, have at least two alcohol-free days each week. (and gradually work it up to two drinking days each week - and then, reduce the amount, and drink more fruit juice, or better still, water).

  • Don't refill your glass until it is empty.(and don't let anyone else refill your glasss, unless it is with juice or pure still or sparkling water. Or you can drink splitzers combining white wine with sparkling water).

  • And perhaps the most important of the Cutting Alcohol Tips, don't drink to cope with stress. Exercise, relaxation, meditation or talking to friends are safer ways of coping. (and you won't feel depressed once the good effects wear off).

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