California Salad

by David

Saw this on the internet and tried it out and it is indeed very good. Not sure of the name but i think California Salad is correct. The guy who posted it had just got back from his vacation in California and said he had had it there.


1/2 of a ripe grapefruit
1 ripe Avocado
grape or cherry tomatoes
2 fresh ripe apricots
mixed greens
10 oz of fresh pacific salmon
olive oil
fresh thyme - finely chopped
A couple blackberries for a garnish
Salted water for poaching the fish


Mix the olive oil with a pinch of salt, the fresh thyme and the juice of a lemon, add a couple drops of water and whisk together until it has emulsified a bit. Set the "vinaigrette" aside.

Bring the salted water to a simmer and poach the fish until done being careful not to over cook. remove the salmon from the poaching liquid and set aside. remove the skin if it is still on.

Using a grapefruit knife or improvising with a serrated knife remove the sections of grapefruit from the membrane and set that aside along with the juice. Peel and slice the apricot and cut the tomatoes in half. Now comes the avocado, I assume you all know how to cut an avocado but for those that are not sure, here is how to do it. Make a slice down the middle to the core and continue all the way around. Twist the two sections until they separate. The "seed" will remain on one side, with a sharp knife and a single chopping motion pierce the seed with the middle of the blade. Pull the seed from the avocado and it should be stuck to the knife. Carefully remove the seed from the blade. Now with the knife make a few slices from one end of the avocado to the other, and now using a spoon remove the slices from the outer skin. Immediately spoon a little of the lemon vinaigrette on the avocado to prevent discoloring.

We are ready to assemble the salad. First dress the mixed greens with a little of the lemon vinaigrette and then arrange all the other ingredients except for the salmon around and on top of the greens. Flake the cooled salmon with a fork and place on top of the salad, drizzle the dressing on top of the fish and the salad. Garnish with a blackberry and serve with some good crusty bread.

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