Benefits of Lemon

Benefits of skin

Use lemon for lighting your skin

As lemon adds flavor to our language itself, it helps make your skin smoother and beautiful too. An application of lemon quick profits for skin care and nails. Follow treatment with lemon:

Everyone wants attractive and nice to have beautiful skin. Using lemon juice on your skin and body parts such as knees, face, and elbow. Lemon juice is effective in removing black marks on your face. Put half a cup of lemon water in the tub, then bath. Within 10 days, you may notice changes in your skin.

Use lemon to get rid of ‘Blackheads’

Before going to sleep at night you can apply lemon on your face to remove blackheads. It can be used by the friction of that particular area of the face. In the morning to clean your face as you get up. Do it regularly, the result can be observed.

Lemon works as a ‘Moisturizer’

For dehydrated skin, you can use lemon as a moisturizer. Mix honey, olive oil, lemon and apply on face and leave every day for 8 minutes and then wash your face with lukewarm water.

Lemon gives special care to your nails

For spectacular fingernails long-term, you need to dip your nails in lemon juice water for 10-15 minutes, and then use a nail brush for brushing the nail. By doing this daily you can see the difference. You can massage or rub lemon on the nail every day and hold for 5 minutes and then wash with hot water light and then apply a little olive oil on your nails to get effective and positive results.

Inputs by Susant Rout

Owner of Leisure spa

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