Another Refreshing and Healthy Bone-Building Summer Snack

by Sue
(New York)

Another refresehing, bone-building snack from the same source (see below) where I discovered the grapes and celery snack is apple mixed with cucumber. This also makes a very refreshing and crunchy summer snack.

Apples are full of vitamin C, but also bone building nutrients such as boron, flavonoids, polyphenols and phloridzin (in the peel).

Cucumbers are full of bone-building goodness too - but especially the cucumber peel, which many people discard because they find it hard to digest. They are, says the article I read, loaded with collagen-building silica which strengthen bones and helps us assimilate calcium and magnesium which works in synery with calcium to keep our bones strong and healthy

Cut very thin cucumber and apple slices but don't peel as you will get rid of many of the nutrients. However, make sure to wash very carefully and buy organic if possible.


(Source: website)

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