Anti aging Developments

Anti aging developments
December 2010

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Anti aging developments, December 28, 2010 -- The Health Sciences Institute reports on magnesium deficiency and how high stress can deplete magnesium levels. According to the report a heavy intake of starches, alcohol, diuretics and some prescription drugs (such as antibiotics) can increase urinary excretion of magnesium.

If a blood test shows your magnesium level is low (a normal range is anywhere between .66 and 1.23 millimoles per litre), the report recommends taking 500 mg of magnesium per day, with the added note that magnesium gluconate and chelated magnesium are the preferred supplement forms. 

 But the best advice is to add leafy green vegetables, avocados, nuts, and whole grains to your daily in order to strengthen your bodys defenses against type 2 diabetes.

If you already have diabetes, magnesium is a must to help care for your heart health. Magnesium balance, like that of other ions, is a function of intake and excretion. The average daily magnesium intake is 360 mg (15 mmol). In the healthy adult, there is no net gain or loss of magnesium from bone so that balance is achieved by urinary excretion.

(Anti aging developments, Sources: Health Science Institute News Letter The website "Magnesium Intake in Relation to Systemic Inflammation, Insulin Resistance, and the Incidence of Diabetes" Diabetes Care, Published online ahead of print, 8/31/10, "Magnesium Intake and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes: A Meta- Analysis" Journal of Internal Medicine, Vol. 262, No. 2, August 2007, )

Exercise to Beat Cancer

The National Cancer Centre in Japan has found that exercise prevents cancer and, along with giving up smoking, is the most powerful choice we can make to stay healthy and prevent age-related disease

Anti aging developments, December 28, 2010 -- Staying physically active could help cut your chances of developing cancer, according to scientists from the National Cancer Centre in Japan. They looked at 80,000 men and women aged between 45 and 77 and found the most active women had a 16 per cent lower risk of developing cancer than the least active, while the most active men had a 13 per cent lower risk. Physical activity was found to particularly cut the risk of stomach cancer in women and of colon, liver and pancreatic cancer in men.

Further research published recently examined 40 previous studies over the last 4 years. They found that being fit and active ranks alongside not smoking as the most powerful choice we can make to stay healthy.

Taking moderate exercise of 150 minutes per week of brisk walking or cycling could cut your risk of falling victim to up to two dozen illnesses, including dementia and cancer.

So, wrap up warm this Christmas and work off some of those extra calories with a brisk walk around the block or to your local park. Not only will you feel better for it, you will actually be better for it!

(Anti aging developments, Directly Reproduced from Dr. Marilyn Glenville (Natural Health Practice) News Report

Dieting can make you fat around the middle

Anti aging developments, December 2010 -- If you want to eliminate your belly fat, you have to do something counterintuitive: eat.

Don't starve yourself. Eat.

According to the Real Age website, research shows that being too fanatical about dieting creates the right breeding ground for actually adding belly fat.

Apparently dieters on a "strict, low-cal eating plan -- consisting of prepackaged meals totaling 1,200 calories a day -- experienced a significant rise in their levels of the stress hormone cortisol". And that can spell big trouble when it comes to managing belly fat. Cortisol favors the storage of even more calories in your midsection, exactly where you don't want it. Additionally stress can make you eat more.

Anti aging developments . . .RealAge reports that researchers also found that women who kept "detailed food diaries felt way more stressed-out than the people who were inclined to wing it".

So while you should monitor your diet, don't obsess about it. Keep portions small, favor healthy options, avoid snacking between meals, but don't make your life difficult.

(Anti aging developments, Source: RealAge Website, December 2010)

Ovarian Cancer Syptoms

Anti aging developments, December 14, 2010 -- I'm sharing the following informatio which was sent to me by Dr. Marilyn Glenville, who as many of you know is a specialist in women's health and author of many books on the subject. As you also know, the earlier we catch cancer, the more chance we have of making a full recovery. So if you suffer from any of the symptoms below (especially if you have several of them) don't delay in seeking medical help. It might save your life.

• General abdominal or pelvic discomfort and/or pain Constant diarrhoea and/or constipation Urinary frequency or urgency Loss of appetite Unexplained weight loss or weight gain Pain during intercourse Irregular periods or abnormal bleeding from your vagina• General abdominal or pelvic discomfort and/or pain• Constant diarrhoea and/or constipation• Urinary frequency or urgency• Loss of appetite• Unexplained weight loss or weight gain• Pain during intercourse• Irregular periods or abnormal bleeding from your vagina• Lower back pain.• One in 67 women in the USA suffers from ovarian cancer, making it the fifthOvarian Cancer Syptomsmost common cancer among women. Being aware of early warning signs can help early detection and improve your chances of a full recovery. Dr. Glenville says " If you experience any of the above symptoms, talk to your doctor immediately."

(Source: Dr. Marilyn Glenville)

A little of what you fancy does you good

Anti aging developments, December 13, 2010 -- Dreaming of a hazelnut cookie? According to the RealAge website, you should probably go ahead and indulge. Research shows that trying to stifle a craving just makes it grow bigger, to the point where you can no longer resist, says RealAge. Then, when you finally give in you end up gobbling the whole packet. Get the picture? So eating one cookie now migh save you from eating a whole lot more, especially if you are the type of person who tends to be preoccupied with dieting and thinking about the food you should or shouldn't be eating.

In a recent study, female college students were asked to sit alone and think about chocolate, avoid thinking about chocolate, or think about whatever they wished. Afterward, according to the report by RealAge, they sampled different chocolates -- and a pattern emerged.

The diet-focused women who had been asked to avoid thinking about chocolate threw down most of the sweet stuff. (Did you know? A tiny daily serving of chocolate can improve your blood pressure.) So here's the key if you want to fit into your pants better after the holidays, pick your battles.

The longer your standoff with chocolateor cookies or whatever it is you are trying to avoid, the more dramatic your surrender may be. Allow yourself an occasional, sensibly sized treat.

And afterward, don't feel bad, advises RealAge expert Keith Roach, MD. "Okay, you had the cookie. Now, don't beat yourself up about it," says Dr. Roach. "Because if you do, you're more likely to do something you'll really regret. Instead, actively enjoy -- and don't feel guilty about -- eating that cookie. Then, go make your home beautiful for the holidays." And come the new year, you may not be carrying around nearly as many extra pounds

Grapes Can Help Your Creaky Knees

 Grapes may help creaky knees, arthritis and other related problems

Anti aging developments, December 2010 -- Grapes may help creaky knees, arthritis and other related problems, according to Real Age website.

Grapes contain resveratrol, a compound which may help reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, writes Joseph Maroon, MD, in his book The Longevity Factor.

Several studies suggest that the compound could someday be recommended by doctors for joint care. In fact, in a recent study, researchers found that injections of resveratrol helped soothe inflamed joints in animals.

Resveratrol is also famous for its heart-healthy properties and while it's not clear how much dietary resveratrol would be needed to help arthritis, grapes and grape juice have lots of other health-promoting qualities, so adding them to your diet certainly can't hurt.

According to RealAge "Resveratrol stops inflammation the same way aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs do -- by inhibiting the molecular switch that turns inflammation on and off in the body".

(Source: Anti aging developments, RealAge Website, December 2010) > Anti-aging Discoveries > Anti-aging Developments - December 2010

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