WebSite about food expiry dates

by Sue
(New York)


A friend of mine just tipped me to a terrifically useful website called Still Tasty (

It's all you ever wanted to know about food expiration dates.

Previously I told you about decoding expiration jargon. For instance, "sell by" is not actually an expiration date, but rather a guide for grocers.

"Use by" IS an expiration date. But "best if used by" or "best before" usually refers to optimum food flavour or quality — not a hard and fast expiration.

But to really get the total lowdown on hundreds of foods, Still Tasty is the place to go.

For instance, want to know how long that salmon in your refrigerator is going to be safe to eat? Still Tasty has 10 entries for salmon, including "fresh, cooked," "fresh, raw," "smoked — sliced at grocery counter," "smoked, commercially vacuum packed — opened," "smoked, commercially vacuum packed — unopened," etc.

In other words, Still Tasty thoroughly covers all types of foods, and also offers useful advice on storage, freezing, defrosting, and more so you can waste less — and worry less.

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