Raw food recipe for migraine prevention

by Jacqueline

For the longest time, I have been suffering frequent headache and especially so when I had late nights. It had become a real pain for me since I have to go to work in the morning.

I have tried many ways to get rid of them by drinking more water or eating more healthily. Sadly, most of these methods do not really work out for me.

I went on to do some research on my own by asking around and reading books. A vegetarian friend of mine told me that having raw vegetarian diet may help. She is on this diet for almost 3 years and has not encounter any migraine since.

If you are a vegetarian lover, you may want to try it out! But if you are a meat lover like me, then I think you will love the raw food recipe at the end of this page.

I came across a book that describes how enzymes can play an important role to prevent migraines. A typical human body contains 2 types of enzymes:

  • Metabolic: There are many other sub-types of such enzymes found in all the body tissues. Other than digestive, they are responsible for all the other body functions. Therefore, they are very critical to keep the body functioning properly and alive.

  • Digestive: There are lesser sub-types of this and they are mostly produced by the pancreas. Their function is to break food down into smaller, easily absorbable particles required by the body for energy or repair.

So why eat raw food? You may have already guessed it correctly - these food contains food enzymes specifically created for digestion. Since raw food carries it own enzymes, it will help to lessen the burden from the body's own ones.

When enzymes are lacking for brain-related functions, this can lead to migraines. Therefore, a diet high in raw foods and organic is central to migraine prevention.

The book went on to describe drink recipe that is rich in enzymes and I really like its taste! I call it the 'enzymes drink'. All its ingredients are raw and organic as well as enzyme-rich.

Enzymes Drinks

  • 2 to 3 dates. Make sure you removed the pits first

  • 1 banana, sliced

  • a few ice cubes, 3 to 4 will be nice

  • 2 cups of milk

  • several almonds (soak about 15 to 16 of them overnight in water and remove the skins)

Pour all the above ingredients into a strong blender and blend them on high until they turn liquid. Then serve immediately. The portion should be able to make about 2 cups.

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