My Urinary Incontinence Got Worse After Surgery

by Janice

I had surgery for bowel and bladder incontinence which had been getting increasingly worse since i had my first child at 19. When i hit the menopause it really started to make life impossible but i was too embarrassed to mention it and although my gynocolotist would eventually address the bladder weakness, he refused to take my bowel incontinence seriously. I had a lot of associated pain but was diagnosed with irritable bowel and made to think my problems were in my head. Then a few years ago when aged 55 i consulted with a doctor who was more in the know and he referred me to a surgeon who dealt with intestinal and bowel problems.

i was diagnosed with incontinence due to rupture of the sphincter muscles during childbirth and a badly performed reconstruction (i was repaired by a nurse and am not surprised).

I have had pain with intercourse ever since having my first baby,which made me somewhat frigid and anxious when having intercourse.

The pain in my intestines has disappeared since the surgery and, as i get less loose bowel movements, i can control the incontinence better, but i still need to get to a rest-room when the need arises.

Unfortunately, although my stress incontinence improved, i now have urge incontinence and have to wear pads every day. This makes me feel very unfeminine and makes it difficult to start a relationship (I am now divorced). I'd appreciate some advice from others who have similar problems.

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