I'd encourage anyone who is interested to try it - they'll never want to go back!

by Maurice

I Eat tons of Broccoli

I Eat tons of Broccoli

I Eat tons of Broccoli
Salad every day
Breakfast special

I have been on the raw food diet for 18 months. It was difficult at first and it took me six months before I have made the transition. Now I couldn’t stomach cooked or processed food.

I didn’t really appreciate vegetables before but now I just couldn’t manage to go a day without eating them. I never ate fruit and now I have to have several fruits a day. I get enough proteins and fats from lentils, avocados, nuts of all kinds. I usually drink water, but in the morning I have fruit juice and in the afternoon or evening i make myself vegetable juice. If I eat out it is usually raw fish in our local Japanese.

I love eating raw food, not just for the wide variety of tastes and textures but also because I feel that every time I eat it is making my body more healthy. The added bonus is that i have lost weight and feel healthy and vital. Friends say i look 15 years younger.

It is very easy for me to maintain this diet for and I don’t feel I need to discipline myself to eat raw food. It feels totally normal to me to eat raw and it would feel wrong to eat cooked. Even the thought of processed food makes me feel like throwing up.
My tastes buds have changed and I feel I get more enjoyment out of my food than I ever have. I would never go back. And I'd encourage anyone to try it out.

You won't regret it!

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