How does vitamin D protect your body?

by Tom

How does vitamin D protect your body? It sounds like a science fiction movie...

An army of robot guards roams the corridors of an immense structure. When a dangerous intruder is detected inside the walls, the robots activate their antennas, ready to receive the signal that will mobilize them into action. When the signal arrives, the robots act swiftly to defeat and remove the intruder.

But if the signal doesn’t arrive, the robots can’t activate their defensive network.

In your body, the “robots” are known as T cells–the killer cells of your immune system. When a foreign pathogen enters, T cells activate a vitamin D receptor. All that’s needed now is a sufficient level of vitamin D in the blood stream.

When T cells find their D, they power up, go to work, and the good guys win.

For years, scientists have known that vitamin D plays an indispensable role in controlling disease. And for years they’ve been asking: How does D do it?

Researchers from Copenhagen University believe they’ve found the answer, as described above.

I honestly don’t know if the Copenhagen researchers are actually the first to discover this brilliant collaboration of vitamin D and T cells. But if they really are, my hat is off to them. Thanks, guys, for helping us better understand the nature of this vitamin that’s one of the primary lynchpins of good health.

Vince Tracy Blog, March 25.2010
Not exactly news - but it is to me! cos i just found it!

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