Greatest Weight Loss Exercise Ever

by Jason

Hey Mary,

Jason here.

Great tips. I started reading the article and about half way down I wanted to comment on tip #2: Include Weight-Bearing Exercise.

Here's what I've found...

Most people foolishly take weight training for granted. I've especially discovered this to be true with women. They just have no clue that it's "hands-down" one of the greatest things you can do both to lose weight and to dramatically increase your health.

I just think that too many people have this mis-guided notion that some how lifting weight is going to make them "bulky". I can tell you with absolute certainty that it won't!

What it will do is...

- Cause losing weight to be much easier (I've seen people dramatically improve their weight just by switching from all cardio to a mixture of cardio and some for of muscle develpment exercise.)

- Help you burn way more fat. Listen, muscle is metabolically active - IT EATS FAT! That's why those who have more muscle are generally "leaner" people.

- Skyrocket your metabolism. Because you need to feed muscle... you'll be hungry more often and burn through food far faster.

Bottom line...

If you could only chooose one form of exercise then I would make it muscle development types of exercise. Now I realise that many "cardio junkies" (runners especially) will tend to disagree, but they can't argue with the results.

Strengthening your muscles just flat-out arouses health and longevity in your body.

I read some time back that they were actually going into nursing homes and putting "wheel-chair" ridden residents on weight lifting programs. (Nothing crazy of-course). Anyway, what they found was startling! The bone densities of these patients actually dramatically improved along with their functioning!

Anyway, thanks for the great post here Mary.

All the best,


P.S. Mary has pretty much "summed it up" with this post, but if you'd like more info on losing weight then you should read about this extreme fat loss exercise because it will help.

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