Face your Demons to overcome tension - and/or join a gym

by Terry

I think i dealt with my inner demons by being a perfectionist and also taking on too much. I could never say no when someone asked me to do a favor. I was so busy rushing around filling up every minute of my life so I wouldn't have to think about the things that were really bothering me in my life. The result was that I was always totally stressed-out and miserable.

Yet even though i knew what i was doing i was still having problems saying no and kept filling my diary up with endless outings and tasks, I ended up overscheduling to the point that I did't have time for myself and was sleeping badly.

In the end i became resentful and bad-tempered with everyone else but the true culprit - myself. I was losing all my real friends and my marriage was on the rocks and my kids were staring to behave badly at school. Luckily i came to my senses and asked my family doctor for help.

My doctor referred me to a therapist who is helping me put my life in order. He helped me learn to say no and not to try and do everything - to be more discerning. He also sent me to relaxation classes so i could learn to calm down and to calm my anxiety. He helped me understand that it was the latter that at the root of my problems and I was keeping every minute of my life busy so i would not have to face up to the issues that were making me anxious.

In our sessions we have been going back to revisit my childhood and the situations that led me to become this anxious, person who could easily fall into depression if i let myself think too deeply about happened to me while i was growing up.

About six months ago i joined a gym and exercise has really been very helpful for me being able to cope with the stress of facing my demons.

I think everyone who has problems should have the courage to face them but it isn't easy. Still in the long run i think i will be happier for it.

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