belly fat - shedding the fat and getting flat

by Anne

As mother of many... keeping my belly flat instead of fat has been challenging. When you're pregnant... a fat belly is exciting because there is a good reason for it-- a baby is coming!

And we moms love our children, but we sure like to feel good about things after the delivery. Belly fat becomes a problem.

- Maintaining a good, healthy diet is so important.
- And getting regular exercise is also important.
- Keeping a positive attitude is especially key when we look in the mirror and know that we are not looking our best-- when we see the stubborn belly fat despite our efforts.

I kept a healthy diet. I exercised regularly. I did my best to maintain a positive attitude. But that belly fat was really stubborn!

I found that your site really helped me to finally get on the path to shedding the belly fat.

I'm so grateful to have children, but I'm really glad that I've been able to 'get my body back' to where I feel good about my shape again.

I hope following the advice on this site will help otherstoo, who want to shed that belly fat and feel good about finally conquering that challenge. I hope so!

Thank you for providing the advice on this site and for reading my story.

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