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Craig Schwimmer, Medical Director of the Snoring Center, in Dallas, Texas and head and neck surgeon Dr. Benzion Goldwyn perform a turbinate coblation procedure on Jillian that promises to eliminate her sinus problems Turbinate Coblation can alleviate allergy symptoms for years and prevent snoring due to nasal obstruction.

This new procedure can significantly reduce nasal obstruction and reduce allergy symptoms. The turbinate in a bumpy sructure found on he inside the nose that swells when the subject is in contact with allergens causing histamine. This procedure, which only takes a few minutes, shrinks the obstruction within the nose, thereby offering symptomatic relief. It does not stop the allergy per se, but brings years and possible life-long relief from symptoms. The costs of the operation are quickly recovered as the procedure can save the patient a great deal in medication costs. The patient feels fine immediately after undergoing the treatment.

age-well.org > Snoring Remedies > turbinate-coblation-procedure

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